Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If At First You Don't Succeed, Bring a Friend

After my near bloody SL death from my first skydiving attempt, I made sure to read the notecard that came with the parachute .. on how to open it. "Haste makes waste" and in that case, "Haste could have made serious avatar waste" had this been RL. OMG! What am I saying. I decided to bring a friend along who had never skydived before. Did we have fun?! Oh Yes! And then some!

I hired a photographer friend to take photos of our descent. I wasn't too pleased with the results. I could've done way better.. but then again, beggars can't be choosers.

On our 5th skydive I did not see my partner back at the launch site. I had this funny ache in my stomach too. I waited for a bit, then decided to go to the landing site ... I did not find him there.. but instead heard a lot of commotion just a few meters away. And this is what I saw ... *gasp*

It turned out that my partner's chute had failed to open and he landed right on the road after having hit a few trees on the side of the mountain. He not only landed on the road but a guy failed to stop when he saw him, and ran him over!~

A passerby stopped to help. He wanted to take my friend to the hospital. I *snickered*. The intention was good but ummmm .... do they even have a hospital in SL? Do they even need a hospital in SL? Hmmm? Partner still could not get up. Either something was broken or he was left temporarily script paralyzed.

Well, the passerby decided to pass on by, promising to find a hospital or an ambulance or whatever, while the 'hit and stay' dude insisted on hanging around jamming out his hip hop tunes from his 14 inch sub woofers. Meanwhile, partner was still down and 'inoperable'.

All of a sudden, we were deserted and there wasn't another avatar around for miles. I had to compose myself. I felt helpless and wished I knew what to do in cases such as these, but I didn't remember seeing a Linden Lab handbook for "What to do with inoperable scripts!"

Then miracles of miracles!
Partner just as easily got up and started walking again!
Nothing was rendered 'inoperable'!
It was as if the entire scene was a blurr!

All was well in Second Life!
I think we'll just stick to motorcylce riding for awhile.

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