Friday, June 29, 2007

Where's the inspiration ..

Blah .. it's been cold lately and it's summertime so I don't understand it really. I've taken numerous RL photos and barely any SL photos. I still hang out in Second Life to keep in touch with inworld friends and also to 'work'? If it weren't for these two things then I would just as well leave Second Life altogether to work on enhancing and enjoying my Real Life.

Blah.. perhaps I am just in need of dire inspiration. Perhaps I have extended myself onto so many other blogs that I am experiencing 'blog text block'. Who knows.

All's well the ends well - and so far nothing has ended ... or began?


Monday, June 4, 2007

Photo Journalist SEEKS Writers, Artists, Ads

Here's a PLUG for a magazine I work with *smiles*

Writers wanted:
Professional, aspiring or other, for article/story submissions for the 1st TOUCH Magazine Summer Edition. If your article/story inspires and can touch the hearts and lives of readers then contact us. We want to meet with you.

Artists wanted:
To grace the pages of 1st TOUCH with visual and thought inspiring work that shows a connection between Real Life and Second Life. If you would like your work to be shown in one of SL's thought provoking and art focused magazines then contact us. We want to meet you.

Ads wanted:
Do you have a business or service that you would like to tell people about? Then please contact us for advertising information.
(Sorry, due to the nature of 1st TOUCH, we will not be accepting ads that are of a 'sexual' or 'mature' related content - we are not that kind of a magazine. But we are in no way against these types of businesses or services.)

For a copy of the 1st TOUCH Spring Edition simply teleport to the df design studio at [envy] to pick up your copy.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Home is where the heart is ...

The street where I now live is lined with pastel coloured, pre-war, apartment buildings. One part leads to streets and a community that is abundant with little shops, bakery's, cafe's, ethnic restaurants and art galleries. The city's University is just around the corner so the area is always filled with interesting people to look at.

On the other end of the street are steps that lead to a quaint little park. We pass this park on the way to the nearby train station or to the heart of the district.

There is no street in the world that I would rather live on, than on this one. It is the street where my new home is - a special place that I share with the one I love.