Friday, January 19, 2007

Photographic Memory

My memory is long filled with many photographs of life's moments all strung together in an endless verse of song.
The voices fade into one another creating a melody so familiar to my heart.
And the feeling of the emotion that rises thru the past becomes one again with my soul.

Waking up from a dream: human and spirit

It's easy to wake up from a dream in RL but it's not often pleasant unless of course it's a nightmare.

But what if there was a world were you could make all your dreams come true? And even things you could never imagine, you'd be able to experience? What if there was a place where you could live out your fantasies or play out your past? And what if there was a way to work out your weaknesses and RL issues with minimal risk?

I found that very place. It's called Second Life.

If you were to live out your dreams in Second Life (SL) then there would be no need to wake up. Or would there?

What becomes of dreams that can be materialized in the mind and brought forth thru the use of vision and a few Linden dollars? Even if these dreams were played out in a virtual reality the fact remains - the person behind the avatar is real with real emotions and real thoughts. Their mind exists now in two realities. Where does one *intent* stop and the other start?

It is easier to own land and "bling" and "luxuries" in SL but just as these are material objects in SL as in RL the focus of this entry would have to be on the 'humaness' that is brought out thru our avatar representations.

There is no dividing line when it comes to "human' ness" or "being human". The next level down is 'animal' and the next level up is 'of spirit'. As we are clearly more highly evolved than an animal with the ability to reason yet our physicality is being represented by pixels how much of "being human" are we when we engage in connections in SL?

And what is the difference between our engagment with others in SL using our unique personalities as opposed to connecting thru 'spirit'.

Abstract indeed!

You see, I just woke up from a dream and these were my thoughts upon wakening. Perhaps I was still slightly dreaming *smiles*.

*Ysabel yawns and stretches out in bed and yells*

"OMG! I'm late for a photoshoot!"

Another year, another chapter

Another year, another chapter.

I had to finally sort out my photo file. It was atrocious! Of course being a photographer, there isn't a moment that goes by that is not worth capturing so you can imagine the state of my desktop after having been in SL for only a few months.

I found this photo taken at the eve of the New Year. Can't remember the location other than it had a fireworks display. By the time I teleported over, the place was empty. Perhaps it was in a time zone whose New Year's Eve had already passed. I didn't mind. I like 'alone' time. I often take time out for myself in RL just before the New Year arrives to recollect my thoughts and view the past in restropect.

2007 will be a good year. This is the year that will catapult me into another level of 'existence'. Not just living but learning every step of the way more of what I need to improve in, to strengthen and to let go of.

It has been my experience that the even years had always been quite challenging years for me and the odd years were ones that provided me opportunity for much advancement into a more greater awareness of things.


I was alone at the end of the year and alone at the beginning of the New Year. I hope that isn't a sign of the state of things to come.

Be like water

It cleanses, it nourishes, it refreshes.
The earth and our bodies are soley made up of water.

Bruce Lee, one of the best martial arts masters once said, " ... be like water ... as gentle as a drop of rain, or as powerful as a wave that can destroy .. water can take on the shape of any vessel that is occupies .. it can evaporate into the air only to return to the same state ..."

Upon reading that I realized that to live your life as 'water' would be the most natural state. To allow your 'being' to flow thru life's path, not resisting but simply flowing onward. Many people would disagree with this statement, but for me, an observer of life, I have found this to be my truth.

As much I would love to control my destiny and be the keeper of my dreams I have come to see that I am not in control and that I am not the keeper of my dreams. My life is merely a canvas .. and my mind is the paintbrush dipping into my soul ... and creating a wondrous masterpiece.

What will you create with your life?

I was reminded of this as I discovered this beautiful place in SL, The Garden of Bliss.

Now whenever RL or SL gets to be a bit too technical for me, I teleport to this very place .. to be cleansed, to nourish my soul and to refresh my mind.

Friday, January 5, 2007

For Fim ...

Love knows no bondaries, not even in SL.

It comes to you when you least expect it and it washes over you like a huge wave that rolls gently to the shore. It ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows. It replenishes your soul and clears your vision about the world. It caresses your heart and heals the wounds.

I have taken photographs upon photographs about life .. but nothing can capture the feeling of love quite like a song, after it has been written by one who has found it.

I dedicate these songs to Fim.

Power of Love

Tell Him

I Know You're Out There Somewhere

I Will

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Independence Freedom Empowerment

Independence. Freedom. Empowerment.

These three words often whisper themselves in my mind. They have become synonymous with one another. You know, like sex, chocolate and shopping *smiles*.

Having found a Second Life has not only afforded me much freedom but it has also become a very important aspect of my Real Life. An extension if you may, of my physical, my spiritual, my intellectual and my sexual aspects.

They say that life is made up of stories waiting to be finished.

These are mine, chronicled with photographs, as I venture into the unknown of my mind and heart, always learning, always simply just being.

When I decided to create a Second Life and wanted to commemorate the decision with an event that would mark this journey. I went skydiving. Having never skydived in RL, I knew it could not be that difficult in SL.

I sat on the transporter, alone, contemplating on the jump.

The transporter took me to a height of 4000 feet. I jumped and this is what I looked like. My body was willing but it seemed as if other parts of me were not. Figures, the story of my life.

My parts finally caught up with one another and as I began to descend rather quickly .. I realized I did not know how to operate the parachute ...

... which resulted in this. I used photoshop to erase the blood that spattered around me.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.