Wednesday, April 18, 2007 coverage

Just wanted to let you all know that an article on the df design group was written for

I met Diago Quaranta while on my way to the ITE 2007 Conference at Silicon Island last Friday April 20th. Actually, he had IM'd me as I was waiting for the conference to start, so I decided to tp him over.

The interview took place at the gallery's 2nd floor at [envy] where the Collective Project exhibits are on display. He was a very personable young gentleman, working at as a journalism intern. It was one of the easiest interviews I had ever done ... and it felt 'nice' to be on the 'questioning' end, for once.

The article can be viewed here.

Real Life Blog Just Launched!

My partner, Fim Fischer and I have decided to go 'open source' to so speak. Our decision to not only merge our second lives with our real lives has gone further towards emerging slowly into Real Life.

Our first venture starts with today's launch of the Villadar+Link Blog. This bold and courageous act of no longer keeping both lives separate and private will pioneer this new 'convergence' of the 3D client with the REAL 3D World.

For more updates and with the latest news go to the Villadar+Link Blog.

Introducing : AD MOO!! A new way of Branding!

Okay, *branding* as in advertising branding, not cow branding. In case the SL Animal Rights Committee takes wind of this and wants to investigate further the legitimacy of this concept, I will make it known in here - that I have nothing to hide!

Ummmmm *hide* as in *not reveal* and not to be mistaken as *cow hide*. Crap, why don't I just stop here and shoot myself. *smiles*

AD MOO may perhaps be an old dog with a new twist. Cow's have been around the advertising realm for decades. They are non-threatening, large enough to hold their own presence ... and the latter is exactly what I will focus on, to let the market know that df design is a young and up and coming force in the design piece field.

For more information on AD MOO email or simply IM me inworld.

df design | summer catalog 2007 now available

This shot was taken for the back page of the new catalog. I had always wanted to get back into publishing something and the second issue of 1st Touch Magazine is still in the planning.
Now that I have made enough design pieces to make up a small catalog, I went for it.
It wasn't difficult at all. I used the THINC Printing Press with the latest THINC Book 2.0 Version. The only challenging thing was to make sure all the textures and photos were numbered correctly *meaning no spaces between the number and the title of the file* and that they all had FULL RIGHTS.
I already had the design in my head and the colours I used were of course the same as the df logo.
The photo above shows the catalog from all sides.
The fun part was to design a vendor that I felt comfortable with and that went in line with the overall 'feel' of the df design creative. I think this vendor was the best I could have done. It took me a good few hours playing with the shape of it but then it all finally came together.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Love & Inspiration,

Every once in awhile, the power of love shows its' strength thru 'inspiration'.
After months of lulling over what new projects I could get my hands into I suddenly fell into the mode of furniture design.

I always found enjoyment in searching for special pieces to go into special places but it was jut recently that I decided to take control of what pieces were to be imagined for whatever place .. by designing them myself.

After our first build together, replicating my RL loft, I had painstakingly re-created my RL bed, kitchen and bathroom. My partner liked the re-creations and had always mentioned that I should venture out into furniture - to which I would 'roll my eyes' and laugh. "Me, make furniture? Hahahahha, never!"

Never say never.

It only took one day to create a few pieces enough to fill a humble retail space.
I went to [envy] and approached Kode Forager who upgraded my 2 story space into a whopping 2 story, ocean front, boardwalk accessible, extravagant build that not only displays my design creations but also a 'collaborative art gallery' as well.

I settled in, in a matter of a few hours.

You don't always see the 'rainbow' until after the rain, but the inspiration for the df design :: studio & gallery was certainly Fim. The model was in me all along, but with his love had encouraged it to blossom.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Real Life Occurance

Every now and then a 'Real Life Occurance' juxtiposes itself, disabling my second life during a certain time frame. The lack of free wifi access and the limitations of certain handheld mobile devices makes it impossible to seemlessly merge my real life with my second life, hence ... my absence.

Not to mention the death of an overworked and under paid hard drive being an absolute obstacle - yeah think?!

This 'period' did allow me the time to engage in real life activities, like driving, eating, actually talking to real life people that didn't involve *tap tap tapping* sounds of a keyboard and feeling the warm wind on my face *smiles*.

Nevertheless, this photojournalists life, be it real, second or other, never runs out of the possibility of challenge and change.

More later .... I just noticed that the grid is now up!