Sunday, June 3, 2007

Home is where the heart is ...

The street where I now live is lined with pastel coloured, pre-war, apartment buildings. One part leads to streets and a community that is abundant with little shops, bakery's, cafe's, ethnic restaurants and art galleries. The city's University is just around the corner so the area is always filled with interesting people to look at.

On the other end of the street are steps that lead to a quaint little park. We pass this park on the way to the nearby train station or to the heart of the district.

There is no street in the world that I would rather live on, than on this one. It is the street where my new home is - a special place that I share with the one I love.

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FACTS, ESTIMATIONS: who or what am I, really? said...

your career looks very interesting to me! I'd like to hear more about your studies and what you're exactly doing for a living... communication and media seem to attract me that's why I'm asking. thanks if you reply! !