Tuesday, May 29, 2007

WIndow of Opportunity

The winds of change have taken me across the Altantic Ocean to Deustchland. This is a good thing. It would be nice to photograph life in another country.

I only regret not recounting the events that had lead me thus far as it happened. Perhaps during rainy days, I will start to write the events as they have occurred, chronologically.

As this blog is much about photographing my experiences in Second Life, it will now include photographs of my Real Life. The reason is simple. My Second Life has just recently merged with my Real Life! The avatar that I had met on December 24, 2006, who had proposed to me on the very night of our meeting (within minutes of our meeting), is now very much a part of my Real Life.

I am pleased to say that Fim Fischer and Ysabel Isabella have courageously crossed the boundaries of Second Life and made the decision to carry on their *partnership* in Real Life.

As for now, it is just enough to say that I am happy and in love with my new home.

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