Friday, January 19, 2007

Waking up from a dream: human and spirit

It's easy to wake up from a dream in RL but it's not often pleasant unless of course it's a nightmare.

But what if there was a world were you could make all your dreams come true? And even things you could never imagine, you'd be able to experience? What if there was a place where you could live out your fantasies or play out your past? And what if there was a way to work out your weaknesses and RL issues with minimal risk?

I found that very place. It's called Second Life.

If you were to live out your dreams in Second Life (SL) then there would be no need to wake up. Or would there?

What becomes of dreams that can be materialized in the mind and brought forth thru the use of vision and a few Linden dollars? Even if these dreams were played out in a virtual reality the fact remains - the person behind the avatar is real with real emotions and real thoughts. Their mind exists now in two realities. Where does one *intent* stop and the other start?

It is easier to own land and "bling" and "luxuries" in SL but just as these are material objects in SL as in RL the focus of this entry would have to be on the 'humaness' that is brought out thru our avatar representations.

There is no dividing line when it comes to "human' ness" or "being human". The next level down is 'animal' and the next level up is 'of spirit'. As we are clearly more highly evolved than an animal with the ability to reason yet our physicality is being represented by pixels how much of "being human" are we when we engage in connections in SL?

And what is the difference between our engagment with others in SL using our unique personalities as opposed to connecting thru 'spirit'.

Abstract indeed!

You see, I just woke up from a dream and these were my thoughts upon wakening. Perhaps I was still slightly dreaming *smiles*.

*Ysabel yawns and stretches out in bed and yells*

"OMG! I'm late for a photoshoot!"

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