Friday, January 19, 2007

Be like water

It cleanses, it nourishes, it refreshes.
The earth and our bodies are soley made up of water.

Bruce Lee, one of the best martial arts masters once said, " ... be like water ... as gentle as a drop of rain, or as powerful as a wave that can destroy .. water can take on the shape of any vessel that is occupies .. it can evaporate into the air only to return to the same state ..."

Upon reading that I realized that to live your life as 'water' would be the most natural state. To allow your 'being' to flow thru life's path, not resisting but simply flowing onward. Many people would disagree with this statement, but for me, an observer of life, I have found this to be my truth.

As much I would love to control my destiny and be the keeper of my dreams I have come to see that I am not in control and that I am not the keeper of my dreams. My life is merely a canvas .. and my mind is the paintbrush dipping into my soul ... and creating a wondrous masterpiece.

What will you create with your life?

I was reminded of this as I discovered this beautiful place in SL, The Garden of Bliss.

Now whenever RL or SL gets to be a bit too technical for me, I teleport to this very place .. to be cleansed, to nourish my soul and to refresh my mind.

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