Friday, January 2, 2009

No Comment. Had to Comment.

It would've been nice to have spent some time with Fim on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day. I still see him in and around his sim, seeing has I lost all my land in early 2008 (It was because of Fim that I sold Emerald Isle - as a sign that I loved him. I don't think he'd do that for me), he was kind enough to share a few parcels with me for my projects.

Anyway, I later found out that he ended up going to a New Year's Party. It didn't bother me so much as it did my RL person. You see, my RL person and Fim's RL person ended up getting together in Real Life. Still not sure about how that's going though.

Well, when Fim's RL person showed my RL person a machinima of what he did during New Year's in Second Life after he clearly was not in the mood to celebrate New Year's in RL with her, I can just tell you that she was so hurt.

I am proud of her though. She managed to control her feelings and somehow let it go through her. I am very aware of the kinds of things that Fim can do to hurt you, and he doesn't even know it. I hope he doesn't anyway. And I am guessing that his RL person is similar to him.

Actually, I am still not over the fact that Fim *divorced* me 4 times in SL. He gets so emotionally heated up over small things and does things to get back at you. He use to ban me from his sim so many times and so many times he would return objects I was working on - back to me. My inventory is a mess!

I know we started 1st TOUCH Magazine together in SL with Ben Vanguard and Ricus Devaux but for me, that 1st TOUCH is really the touch of a very long and deep hurt.



Fim Fischer said...
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Fim Fischer said...

I worked on a machinima that night. Some people immerse deeper into 'their own reality', their own truth than others. You are the perfect example.

Fim Fischer said...

It was clear to me, that the virtual land prices would dramatically drop, they did.

Since you had no job or money when you moved to germany, you would not be able to pay the tier for the virtual land.

You actually can say you made a 109% profit within 3 months through 'virtual property development'.