Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Real Life Occurance

Every now and then a 'Real Life Occurance' juxtiposes itself, disabling my second life during a certain time frame. The lack of free wifi access and the limitations of certain handheld mobile devices makes it impossible to seemlessly merge my real life with my second life, hence ... my absence.

Not to mention the death of an overworked and under paid hard drive being an absolute obstacle - yeah think?!

This 'period' did allow me the time to engage in real life activities, like driving, eating, actually talking to real life people that didn't involve *tap tap tapping* sounds of a keyboard and feeling the warm wind on my face *smiles*.

Nevertheless, this photojournalists life, be it real, second or other, never runs out of the possibility of challenge and change.

More later .... I just noticed that the grid is now up!

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