Wednesday, April 18, 2007

df design | summer catalog 2007 now available

This shot was taken for the back page of the new catalog. I had always wanted to get back into publishing something and the second issue of 1st Touch Magazine is still in the planning.
Now that I have made enough design pieces to make up a small catalog, I went for it.
It wasn't difficult at all. I used the THINC Printing Press with the latest THINC Book 2.0 Version. The only challenging thing was to make sure all the textures and photos were numbered correctly *meaning no spaces between the number and the title of the file* and that they all had FULL RIGHTS.
I already had the design in my head and the colours I used were of course the same as the df logo.
The photo above shows the catalog from all sides.
The fun part was to design a vendor that I felt comfortable with and that went in line with the overall 'feel' of the df design creative. I think this vendor was the best I could have done. It took me a good few hours playing with the shape of it but then it all finally came together.

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