Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Introducing : AD MOO!! A new way of Branding!

Okay, *branding* as in advertising branding, not cow branding. In case the SL Animal Rights Committee takes wind of this and wants to investigate further the legitimacy of this concept, I will make it known in here - that I have nothing to hide!

Ummmmm *hide* as in *not reveal* and not to be mistaken as *cow hide*. Crap, why don't I just stop here and shoot myself. *smiles*

AD MOO may perhaps be an old dog with a new twist. Cow's have been around the advertising realm for decades. They are non-threatening, large enough to hold their own presence ... and the latter is exactly what I will focus on, to let the market know that df design is a young and up and coming force in the design piece field.

For more information on AD MOO email or simply IM me inworld.

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