Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Love & Inspiration,

Every once in awhile, the power of love shows its' strength thru 'inspiration'.
After months of lulling over what new projects I could get my hands into I suddenly fell into the mode of furniture design.

I always found enjoyment in searching for special pieces to go into special places but it was jut recently that I decided to take control of what pieces were to be imagined for whatever place .. by designing them myself.

After our first build together, replicating my RL loft, I had painstakingly re-created my RL bed, kitchen and bathroom. My partner liked the re-creations and had always mentioned that I should venture out into furniture - to which I would 'roll my eyes' and laugh. "Me, make furniture? Hahahahha, never!"

Never say never.

It only took one day to create a few pieces enough to fill a humble retail space.
I went to [envy] and approached Kode Forager who upgraded my 2 story space into a whopping 2 story, ocean front, boardwalk accessible, extravagant build that not only displays my design creations but also a 'collaborative art gallery' as well.

I settled in, in a matter of a few hours.

You don't always see the 'rainbow' until after the rain, but the inspiration for the df design :: studio & gallery was certainly Fim. The model was in me all along, but with his love had encouraged it to blossom.

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