Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Work, Work, Work.

Now that the build is complete and the 'Digital Femme Brand' continues to have a physical presence in SL, I managed to sit down in the new dining room - alone. I wasn't too hungry. For the past two days I've been nibbling on chocolate chip cookies and expresso. So as you can see I was totally wired. Caffeine and chocolate may not be good for A.D.D. but heck, at least I finished the build in less than 24 hrs.

The sun was starting to rise and I didn't realize what time or what day it was. I am sure the delayed exhaustion will soon set it. Until then, I think I will continue to keep myself busy until I drop dead. *smiles* That's an English expression for, "fall asleep".

I decided to sit at the drafting table and plan out my next project and design. I've decided to focus on the style I love best.. which is ultra modern/minimalist/zen.

I realize that there are a sleuth of other design styles.. but I figure, I'd rather build what I LIKE. Besides, a true artist creates what he/she loves and not for the masses. Isn't that what art is all about? Subjective?

I plan on becoming known for a certain style and prefecting it. However, how can one perfect a style? And I also wonder how many designs can I create with just one style?

Surely, I'll probably osmose some other design style that I've seen or dreamt of or whatever ... that usually happens I am sure.

Oh well. I think I'll just sit here and see what the imagination can drum up.

One thing about A.D.D. - you can never run out of things to keep you busy. And BUSY is what I plan on being for the next couple of weeks until I can shake this break-up thing.

Hopefully, I'll wake up and forget .... or be so busy, immersed from one thing to another that if I ever do stop to think ... well, I might confuse the reality with a dream and just assume that all that WAS A DREAM.

Now, what to do, what to do ... hmmmmm .....

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