Wednesday, March 28, 2007

End of an Era :: Time for New Beginnings

End of an Era! What an understatement that is.

The parcel that I bought back in December where I first discovered that I could actually put two prims together, and where I had envisioned a place for myself (even if only in this world) where I could be 'me' (a me I did not have the chance to be in RL) was sold.

A 3 month SL relationship that flourished and survived its way in RL has ended.

And my 3 year and 1 month and 16 day old Powerbook, has died. Yup! I was working on a new build earlier today when SL crashed. I restarted and zilcho, nada, niete, nunca, you get the picture. When the computer powered up, I saw the APPLE logo for the last time ... then everything turned to a bluish hue. You got it, that infamous
"Blue Screen of Death" - the one that marks the end of life of a hard drive. Oh well. Now I really have to get a new laptop! YAY! DUO Core Processor here I come!

OMG! What do they say about 'bad things or bad news?' That they come in threes (3's)
Phew! I got my three, I guess everything gets better from here?

Hadn't had time to take photos much of my daily SL.

I ended up finding this priceless piece of parcel in the Beverly Hills Sim, fronting the water on a hill. 4096 sqm with DOUBLE Prims to boot and I only paid L$55000. Is that a deal or what?!

So, of course I've been busy rebuilding a Digital Femme Presence once again.

I also bought a nice piece of parcel nearby and on daily inspection found a piece of a house? on the land. It turned out to be a neighbours. She told me that "Oh by the way, I was going to buy the parcel you are on. I spoke to the owner to bring the price down from L$80000 to L$50000 and he did. I went looking for a house too fit the land and when I came back it was taken."

Hmmm, what was I suppose to say? I apologized perfusely but really what else was there to do. I was not about to give away Prime Real Estate - after all, it's all about LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION. *smiles* And believe you me, there are only a few peeps in SL that can say the live in Beverly Hills!

Which comes to mind.. I am starting to see the same ol' same ol' pattern of mine. Trying something new and once I find out I can do it - moving on to something else. Well, I've moved on to Real Estate. Not full throttle mind you, but just here and there little deals. Not even much but just a few. It's rather fun .. especially when you log on and find that your total Linden Dollar amount had suddenly increased.

I still need to find land for the art gallery. Hmmmm.. I just might turn that other parcel nearby Beverly Hills into the Art Gallery Home. Not sure if I can pull it off. Does having an art gallery constitute a "small business?"

I might do it anyway until I get a complaint or hear from one of the Sim admins.

Ohhhh how I love to tempt the rules *smiles*

Which by the way, I hardly ever follow RL rules. The only rules I will ever follow are the rules of the Universe.

Well, I've taken care of 2 solutions out of the three bad lucks. What to do with the other? Not sure. There is nothing I CAN do.

But I know me, and soon, I will learn to eject all remnants of the past and then it will only be a page in my book of life.

What was that saying I always touted for myself? Ah yes, Love and Let go, Love and Let go. The story of my life. Why should this be any different.

So glad I remembered that. It's funny how certain 'life themes' continue. I thought that surely this "Love and Let go" would be different this time around. Silly me! What was I thinking?!

Que Sera Sera!

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